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Driving Force

Our professionals are committed to going above and beyond to provide our clients with opportunities for financial success.

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Sustaining Growth

We strive to help maximize the potential of our clients’ resources so they can not only preserve, but also strengthen, their ability to serve the community for generations to come.

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Building Relationships

Our team is multi-disciplined, well-trained and efficient in compliance and consulting matters – allowing us to hit the ground running to provide the appropriate solutions for our clients.

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Enhancing Value

Through our comprehensive services, we provide customized solutions designed to help our clients’ businesses grow and prosper well into the future.

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Creating Possibilities

Our clients can depend on Kiefer Bonfanti as their trusted business advisor to build their business to new heights.

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Trusting Resource

Our experienced professionals work with physicians to cure them of the headaches of practice management, freeing them to take care of what matters most – their patients.

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Constructing Strategies

Our personalized approach is designed to increase your profitability and reduce your operating costs.

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Auto Dealerships

As an automotive dealer, you know that it is extremely important to find those professionals who will provide you with accurate information and timely advice. At Kiefer Bonfanti, we know the automotive industry and will help you achieve growth and success. Our team members work with you to help you meet all of your key challenges.

Construction Contractors

As CPAs, it is our goal to provide sound advice to the contractors we serve by developing solutions for the more complex business management needs of their industry.


Electronic procurement is forcing distributors to dramatically and rapidly change business models that gradually evolved since the industrial revolution. Kiefer Bonfanti will help you evaluate risks and challenges including order fulfillment time, customer concentration, and shrinking profit margins. We will work to maximize your profitability and your adaptability as you face the challenges of business in the 21st century.

Employee Benefit Plans

The employee benefit plan of your business not only provides benefits to your current employees - it is also a crucial factor for recruiting and retaining quality team members, and it plays a significant role in your tax strategy.


You make critical decisions every day in managing your projects and your people, but do you have the time to control the bigger financial management issues facing your business?

Medical Practices

The dynamics of the medical industry are constantly changing. Medical practices face a growing number of industry-specific challenges each day, and the professionals at Kiefer Bonfanti address these issues effectively and efficiently. We make sure our medical, and related healthcare services clients have the capability to confront these challenges head-on so they can focus on the day-to-day activities of their practices. We consult on all aspects of running your office with the goal of enhancing efficiencies and profitability.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Kiefer Bonfanti has a proud history of serving the not-for-profit industry, providing specialized services to charitable organizations, business leagues, labor unions and government entities in the greater St. Louis area and across Missouri. Through our years of experience, our team has gained comprehensive knowledge of the operational structure, tax requirements, and unique needs specific to not-for-profit entities. The services we offer in this sector are highly customized, with our efforts focused on lowering your costs and streamlining your operations. Further, we seek to help you maximize the potential of your limited resources – to not only preserve, but to also strengthen your ability to serve the community for generations to come.

Real Estate Companies

As a leader in the real estate field, Kiefer Bonfanti strives to orchestrate innovative solutions and provide exceptional service to our clients. Our real estate team focuses on the issues that affect all segments of the real estate industry, including land, commercial, residential, multi-family development and property management.

Our Services

Accounting Services

Although our economy has changed over the years, our reputation for providing sound accounting advice has remained impeccable. At Kiefer Bonfanti, we are more than just the numbers; we provide personalized attention and tailored management assistance.

Assurance Services

For your company to grow and add value, it must garner the trust of its customers, lenders, vendors and employees. Choosing the right accounting firm is a critical decision in establishing that trust. At Kiefer Bonfanti, we offer efficient, reliable, and affordable audit and other assurance services. Our team members provide high quality, customized solutions to meet your firm’s unique needs. We will help you establish reporting credibility, manage risk and measure performance, while looking beyond the numbers to uncover hidden value within your operations and internal processes.


Proper tax planning, preparation, and compliance activities are critical to running a healthy business and maximizing your wealth. To ensure optimal navigation of complex and ever-changing tax laws, it is crucial to work with knowledgeable, experienced, and responsive tax professionals.

Wealth Management Services

Kiefer Bonfanti is pleased to work with Buckingham Asset Management to provide wealth management services to our clients. For more information, please click "learn more."