Kiefer Bonfanti & Co. LLP


Kiefer Bonfanti’s founding principles of putting our clients first, delivering timely service and proactively advising our clients are what drives our people every day. Built on these principles, Kiefer Bonfanti has passionately maintained the same focus since our inception in 1954. Located in St. Louis, Kiefer Bonfanti has served businesses and individuals throughout the Midwest for over half a century.  We are a full-service accounting and business advisory firm dedicated to providing quality, reliable services based on specific client needs. 

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals maintains specialties in many industries. Kiefer Bonfanti’s leadership strives to continually instill our service philosophy throughout our organization. The professionals at Kiefer Bonfanti challenge themselves to introduce new and exciting ways to exceed our clients’ personal and professional goals. Our talented team members continue to be the driving force behind our innovative techniques and ongoing success.

We are advisors to clients, helping them keep their businesses healthy and strong. Our professionals and support team are trained experts.  Our clients come to us for solutions - and we deliver.

At Kiefer Bonfanti, our focus is our clients.  We are dedicated to providing them with the best results possible, while giving them timely personal attention and the respect they deserve.